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Murphy’s Law plays a dramatic role in our lives and no matter how optimistic we are, what we expect least happens most. Faulty AC in a Hot and Humid Summer Day or Night in Dubai is undoubtedly the worst thing that does happen.
Knack provides you with not only a professional and satisfactory response in case of emergency but also Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) and Energy Conservation offerings to give you peace of mind and reduce burden on your wallet.

We deal in all kind of AC Installation, Maintenance and Services for:

  • Window AC
  • Split AC
  • Duct AC
  • AHU
  • FCU
  • Package Unit

AC service include:

  • Washing Outdoor Unit with High Pressure Water
  • Using Chemical, where necessary, to clean condenser
  • Checking Gas Pressure and top-up if needed
  • Checking Outdoor Pipeline Temperature / Pressure
  • Checking Outdoor Fan Speed and Rotation
  • Washing Indoor Filter
  • Cleaning Unit Body
  • Cleaning Electronic Panel
  • Checking and Fasten Electric Connections
  • Cleaning Indoor Coils
  • Checking Coil Temperature
  • Checking Indoor Motor Speed and Throw
  • Cleaning Indoor Defuse and Grills