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We offer Residential and Commercial Facility Maintenance Services with our professional On-call Services and Maintenance Packages / Annual Maintenance Contracts for your villas, apartments, offices and showrooms with the flexibility to suit your needs. Check Our Packages section for flexible Home Maintenance Packages, covering AC, Electrical and Plumbing, for further details.

Glass & Aluminum Fixing

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Handyman and DIY

Get an extra skilled hand for your common minor repairs, fixing, moving and assembling needs on economical and flexible hourly rates. More hours you b

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Murphy’s Law plays a dramatic role in our lives and no matter how optimistic we are, what we expect least happens most. Faulty AC in a Hot and Humid

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Never get shocked! Let professionals handle your small or big electrical irritants from breaker to fixture. We do all type of Electromechanical Equipm

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Water is life, let’s not waste it. Get your bathroom and kitchen leaks fixed and consumption optimized. Knack will take care of your emergencies and

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Floor and Wall Tiling

Keep your floor and wall tiles intact. Next time you want your crack tiles replaced or want a new look, just call Knack.

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Gets your home or office a facelift with new interior paint, different colour scheme or simply a move-in or move-out resurfacing.

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Wood or gypsum often needs fixing and repair. Let us visit you and sort that out.t.

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