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Home Maintenance Packages

Our customized maintenance packages for Villas and Apartments are structured in a way to give you flexibility to choose between various levels of Emergency Callout and Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) to suit your budget and to ensure that you and your home are looked after professionally. We offer very competitive rates with professional response to all our valued customers


Scope / Services Packages Economy Extended Holistic
Emergency Callout
Emergency Response Time
Callouts for AC, Plumbing & Electrical
AC Service and Maintenance
Electrical Service and Maintenance
Plumbing Service and Maintenance
Handyman Service (up to 2 hours)
Non-Emergency Response Time
24 x 7 x 365
120 – 240 minutes
up to 6 x per year
1 x per year

12 – 18 hours
24 x 7 x 365
90 – 120 minutes
up to 6 x per year
2 x per year
2 x per year
2 x per year
1 x per year
8 – 12 hours
24 x 7 x 365
60 – 90 minutes
up to 8 x per year
4 x per year
4 x per year
4 x per year
2 x per year
6 – 8 hours

Callouts for AC, Plumbing & Electrical
Callout services include:

  • Electrical  wiring or fixture fault rectification
  • Plumbing system leakage and fittings’ malfunction repair
  • Air-conditioning fault rectification

Planned Preventive Maintenance
A preventive maintenance program will be provided within a week after purchase of Home Maintenance Package, to cover below services
AC Services include:

  • Washing Outdoor Unit with High Pressure Water
  • Using Chemical, where necessary, to clean condenser
  • Checking Gas Pressure and top-up if needed
  • Checking Outdoor Pipeline Temperature / Pressure
  • Checking Outdoor Fan Speed and Rotation
  • Washing Indoor Filter
  • Cleaning Unit Body
  • Cleaning Electronic Panel
  • Checking and Fasten Electric Connections
  • Cleaning Indoor Coils
  • Checking Coil Temperature
  • Checking Indoor Motor Speed and Throw
  • Cleaning Indoor Defuse and Grills

Electrical services include:

  • Inspection of electrical wires, cables and give report/repair
  • Checking all connections and tighten as necessary
  • Checking Electricity supply breakers and power loads
  • Inspection of control panels, isolators & motors

Plumbing services include:

  • Checking and fixing all pipelines and taps / faucets water leakage
  • Checking pumps and operations
  • Checking all flush systems
  • Check float valve, float switch operation
  • Checking water heaters, hot and cold flexible pipes
  • Checking and clean all floor traps, if it is necessary
  • Plumbing pipes located underground is not covered in our scope of work

Handyman services include:

  • Mounting Shelves, Mirrors, Picture frames, Curtains
  • Assembling IKEA / modular furniture
  • Fixing broken Hinges, Latches and Handles
  • Fixing Jammed doors or windows
  • Repairing minor Tile cracks
  • Repairing Paint Scratches


  • Property inspection will be conducted before execution
  • Property Permits are provided by the Customer
  • Re-scheduling possible before the service execution with minimum 24hours advance notice 
  • Additional materials/work will be charged separately:
  • All Major Spare parts and materials under the scope of this Annual Maintenance Contract that are required to restore functioning of equipment or system, under the scope of work shall be used appropriately and will be charged and to be quoted separately as per requirement.
  • Any additional work/service/material requested by the Customer and not forming a part of this agreement shall be chargeable.
  • Circumstances considered as Emergency:
  • Total electricity failure / breakdown
  • Total air-conditioning failure / breakdown
  • Total water stoppage
  • Major leakage related to plumbing

These works are not included in the contract, but could be undertaken

  • Repairs and/or replacement of electronic items or Home appliances
  • Internal water leakage, e.g. under the bathtub, WC, inside the wall, ceiling, under the interlock & garden areas
  • Major jobs related to MEP (Design issues) or Civil works (Structural, Utility removal)
  • Emptying septic tanks and janitorial cleaning
  • Changing of any insulation material to ductwork chilled water pipe lines
  • Jetting of drainage water
  • Any kind of blockage in the drainage line which requires excavation or major civil works
  • Automatic garage doors or gates
  • Fire alarm and firefighting work, etc
  • Damages due to external forces (Design, Structural & Utility)
  • Main Panel board (DEWA responsibility)
  • DEWA power, water drainage and telephone services (being the responsibility of the relevant local Authority)
  • Total replacement of equipment
  • Any refurbishment works
  • Garden irrigation system (sprinklers)
  • Upgrading of equipment or any system
  • Heat load calculation
  • Any kind of wall cracks or structural damage
  • All kind of works related to BMS
  • Any kind of Structural damages existing in the building
  • Integration of BMS system with the existing system
  • Power up gradation works
  •  All kinds of Specialist contract work
  • Any kind of design issues related to AC, Electrical, Plumbing or civil works in the building
  • Any other works not mentioned/ not related in the scope of works