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Know About Knack Technical Services LLC

  • Our name: “Knack” – special skill, talent and aptitude with a particularly clever way of fixing things successfully – says it all! You can say we have the knack of fixing faults, leaks, chips and cracks.
  • Our inspiration: What inspires us most is UAE’s spirit of unityliving together in harmony. Irrespective of diversity of cultures, what is most important is peacefulness for everyone, as we call it Tranquility for Life, that’s all that matters!
  • Our values: Integrity, Ability and Agility are in the DNA of Knack Technical Services L.L.C. and its diverse members.
  • Our promise: With Knack Technical Services L.L.C., you are in the safest hands for Maintenance, Repair or Service job because we love fixing, not cutting, corners.
  • Our management: We are qualified professionals having decades of Engineering, Technical and Management expertise.